CRD is the pioneer of online booking system that is exclusively designed to suit corporate needs for companies in Indonesia.

Corporate Room Deal, a hotel management system exclusively designed to provide accommodation and related services to corporate clients in Indonesia. With an integrated team of professional sales, customer relations, and operations, completed with a sophisticated booking platform, we are able to provide a one-stop solution for over 5500 properties across Asia, and over 350,000 properties worldwide.

Started in 2015, we leverage the strength of MG Group to ensure the most competitive rates for extensive hotel options. On top of that, we provide services for meeting arrangements and land accommodation with great flexibility. Aiming to provide excellent services to satisfy our clients. Corporate Room Deal services many of the largest and most prestigious Indonesian companies as well as many multi-national corporations.

Now, Corporate Room Deal is recognized as the fastest growing corporate startup in Indonesia by the Northstar Group, a leading Southeast Asia private equity. With rapid revenue growth over the past 36 months, reaching up to 8 times the initial number. Our customer base has reached over 2000 corporate accounts, who trust Corporate Room Deal for providing their accommodation needs.


We are professional
and trustworthy.


Our dear customers are most important. It is our priority to grow and give better service consistently. We also build good relationships with clients and hotels, so that everyone can profits. We always go above and beyond.


One stop solution for your hotel bookings providing over 350,000 hotels worldwide with one payment settlement.


No hidden cost, our rates are inclusive of 21% Tax & Services.
Beats online rates with 90% ratio.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service ready to assist you.

Our vision

CRD consists of a special team. With talents, skills and experiences, we assure we give the best service to everyone. We strive for the best to meet your needs any time and we will always find the best solution for your hotel accommodation!

FIT 82%
MICE 65%
2015: Inception
Started off from scratch, 3 people joined heads to create ideas to implement on a new company under MG Group, one of the largest hotel suppliers in Asia Pacific. We managed to generate revenue up to IDR 3,5B. Through the ideas of experienced hospitality industry experts, we launched Corporate Room Deal as the pioneer of online travel management system for corporate clients, not forgetting the importance of human touch on top of it.
2016: Growth
With our customer satisfaction, we realized that our passion to serve our clients passionate and wholeheartedly would lead to good relationships with our customers. Through this, we increased our headcount with hospitality-based individuals, not to just bring experience and help our company grow, but also to make sure of our clients pleasure in doing business with Corporate Room Deal. Our Revenue growth was very fast paced, reaching over 300% this year.
2017: Investment
The rewards for our perseverance and commitment to the cause have really paid off and enhanced the future of the business – as a result, a private equity (Northstar) from started to invest in our company. Through this investment, Corporate Room Deal was able to expand our internal team. With a greater team, our revenue nearly doubled the number we generated last year, at IDR 16B.
2018: Globalization
Corporate Room Deal saw the opportunity of expanding overseas and took it. We started approaching and gaining clients from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We continued to grow and serve our clients with passion and dedication, and we proudly achieved the Best Service Award from Coca Cola Indonesia. Danone has trusted CRD to be their single vendor for all hotel and accommodation needs.
2019: CRD 2.0
We saw our growth and continued to thrive to satisfy our customers even more. Corporate Room Deal was awarded ‘Best Service Award’ by Huawei on Indonesia Supplier Convention Day, due to the excellent performance on our event handling. Also, keeping up with Technology, we are developing our CRD 2.0 website with better speed and features to be launched in 2020.
2020: The future
Today, Corporate Room Deal is the fastest growing online travel management company dedicated to Corporate. It was not easy getting here, but we managed to do it with the support of a great family, our team. We will continue to strive for providing the best services to our clients and the best rate i the market with new innovations and advanced technology.